The yearly update of the phpunit initiative


After officially launching the PHPUnit initiative on 2016-11-05 we made a huge amount of progress:

  • We tried to convert many tests by simply moving and renaming them in an automated way. This moved 30% of the tests over “without” any hassle
  • After that we work on conversion per module base
  • We identify common problems and extract them into their own issue
  • We added extensive BC layer to make conversions as painless as possible
  • Show the graph with the number of test types since 8.1.0 from the website, everybody loves a good graph
  • Expanded core dev team interested in conversion.
Steps still to do

This is how you can help:

  • Improve documentation.
  • Upgrade path tests conversion.
  • Reduce random fails in js Tests.
  • Remove webtest craft once conversion are done.
  • Update phpunit library.
  • Help contrib module
  • Better UI
  • Parallel runner
  • Deprecate the WebTest
  • Deprecate simpletest
  • Coverage reports
Future ideas / iterations
  • JS testing in js
  • JS functional testing.
  • JS unit testing.
  • JS test runner.
  • Webdriver
  • Selenium webdriver
  • PhantomJS webdriver
  • APITestBase
  • Headless Drupal testing.
  • Headless chrome driver.
  • Headless firefox driver.
  • to symfony console command.

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