Staying for the Community: (More) Stories From Our Organizers

Some of our very own DrupalCon Asia organizers are members of the Drupal Association. We spoke to them about why membership is so important to them, and their answers were so great we had to share. Continuing from a previous blog post, we'd like to invite you to read why they support the community and the Drupal project with us.

Gauravjeet Singh, gauravjeet, New Delhi

photo of Gauravjeet

In Drupal, we trust. I always wanted to build something awesome and share it with many people. Drupal gave me that head start. The spirit of Drupal is learning and collaboration. I have had many awesome experiences and I've learned so much from my friends, colleagues, and from the community as a whole.

The Drupal Association is doing a wonderful job to attract individuals around the globe to this awesome thing called Drupal. Their efforts are paying off as they are organising DrupalCon, Drupal Camps, and meetups, and for that the community has come so far today.


Manjit Singh, Manjit.Singh, Barnala

photo of Manjit

I and some of my colleagues are contributing to Drupal on daily basis. We have learned a lot of things about leadership, project management, responsibility, and obviously Drupal, from working on particular modules or themes.

Drupal Association is helping the Drupal family with funding, and with organizing DrupalCons. In short, the Drupal Association is the heartbeat of Drupal. :)


Campbell Vertesi, ohthehugemanatee, Germany

We all say "we come for the code, but we stay for community." That community is no accident—it takes a lot of work and planning to connect Drupalists around the world through platforms like and events like DrupalCon. Your membership is what makes that happen. Please join, and help us support the future!


Shyamala Rajaram, Shyamala, India

Give to the Drupal Association and get more from Drupal! It is amazing to see the work of the Drupal Association in supporting and working as a backend for the Drupal community! They pick up a lot of the community work that is routine and let the community innovate. Support the Drupal Association to get more from from Drupal!! —Shyamala, VP, UniMity Solutions.


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