Visa Requirements

If you are not an Indian citizen, you will need a visa to enter the country. Since visa requirements differ from country to country, please take great care when preparing your application. Please note that the responsibility of getting a visa lies with the applicant, and neither the Drupal Association nor our conference partners can influence the visa application process. The Drupal Association cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided below. Please contact your local Indian consulate, embassy or qualified visa service provider in regards to your personal requirements.

Conference Visa

If your main purpose for visiting India is to attend DrupalCon, we recommend applying for a conference visa. If you are planning on conducting any business in India outside DrupalCon, please apply for a business visa. Requirements differ from country to country, but generally, the following documents are required to apply for a conference visa:

  • Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the validity of the visa. Passport must have at least 2 empty pages for visa stamp.
  • Current photograph(s).
  • Proof of current physical home address (e.g. driver's license, utility bills)
  • Original, signed letter of introduction from your employer on official company letterhead (sample).
  • Letter of invitation (request below).
  • Proof of round-trip travel arrangements showing entry and exit dates.
  • Processing fees vary by country. Please check with your local consulate.

Letter of Invitation

Letters of invitation for registered attendees will be issued by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) upon request. Please purchase your DrupalCon Asia ticket first before requesting a letter.

If you are visiting from Afghanistan, China, Denmark, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, or are stateless, you must submit additional information in order to comply with Indian regulations. The same applies to people of Afghan, Chinese, Danish, Iranian, Iraqui, North Korean or Sudanese origin who are currently holding passports from other countries. Please request your letter through the form below:

Request Visa Letter - Special Requirements

All other attendees, please use the webform below to request your letter:

Request Visa Letter

The last day to request a letter of invitation is 15 December 2015. Please note, the information entered in the webforms will be shared with the Indian Ministries of Home Affairs and External Affairs in order to get visa clearance for conference attendees.

Clearance Letters

The data collected through the webforms above has been submitted to the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on 15 December in order to obtain visa clearance for conference attendees from outside India. The Ministries has issued clearance letters which can be downloaded below. While the clearance letters may not be required for your visa application, we recommend taking them with you on your trip to India just in case.

Download Clearance Letters

PDF icon Sample Letter152.37 KB
PDF icon Clearance Letters507.54 KB