Decoupled Menus Day

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At DrupalCon Global 2020, Dries proposed this strategic initiative. Within only a few months, a team had been established and the first tasks were complete.

One of the goals of the initiative is to provide the best way for JavaScript front ends to consume configurable menus managed in Drupal. Menus were chosen because the majority of digital experiences have a menu. They also touch some of the most difficult problems facing decoupled sites today. To be able to create a great developer and editor experience using menus in a decoupled context, there were some menu-specific problems, but also more general obstacles, such as how to package and distribute Javascript packages within the Drupal ecosystem. Therefore, we identified two primary directives:

  • Drupal should provide the best JavaScript developer experience of any CMS
  • Drupal should be the best decoupled CMS for content editors, site builders, and evaluators overall

Toward those ends, we realized that Drupal must have repeatable patterns to build, ship and maintain Javascript packages.

On Tuesday, the Decoupled Menus Initiative will talk about the progress the initiative has made so far, as well as its next steps and how you can participate in them. Most importantly, we will be hosting a hackathon where you’ll be invited to build your own custom menu component with your favorite JavaScript framework. We’ll handle the endpoint (if you wish 😉) and you’ll handle the HTML, CSS and JS. At the end, you’ll be able to contribute your new component on using the new “General project” created for the initiative. Our goal will be to test and prove this new infrastructure and our new HTTP APIs.

If you are interested in helping make the Drupal the best decoupled CMS overall, then join us at DrupalCon North America!


-- Decoupled Menus Initiative leads


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Primary contact is Baddý Breidert