Open Web & Community Track

What is the open web and how can we all contribute to it? How can we provide safe and inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome?
This track includes talks about the human and community aspects of Drupal and the Open Web. Learn about how to be happy and healthy at work, how to be a productive team and community member, how the community and project support each other and how you can contribute to the Drupal project no matter your expertise.

Keywords: Diversity and Inclusion, Contribution, Open Web, Being Human, Community

Featured Track Speakers

Wolfgang Ziegler
CEO drunomics

Drupal - A Tool for JavaScript developers?
Experience Level: Intermediate

AmyJune Hineline & Ruth Cheesley & Tearyne Almendariz
Senior Community Manager at Red hat & Project Lead at Mautic & Developer Advocate at Pantheon
Alanna Burke
Community Manager
Gaurav Kapoor
Senior Drupal Developer
Floris van Geel
Community Manager

Contribute beyond Drupal
Experience Level: Beginner