Convince Your Boss

Attending DrupalCon is an investment in skill building, professional development, and working relationships.

But a lot of attendees don't buy their own tickets—most need to convince someone else (their boss) of the value. So we’ve developed materials to help you demonstrate to your employer just how valuable it would be to attend DrupalCon. We've kept the materials brief to make it easy for you; a program summary, a highlight of the value, and a letter to your employer that includes a budget worksheet.

Download a track-specific request packet using the buttons below.  

Builder  Agency Leadership  Content and Digital Marketing  

Why Attend DrupalCon?

  • Learn the latest technology and grow your Drupal skills, delivering more value to your organization and clients 

  • Build a stronger network in the community

  • Collaborate and share your knowledge with others

  • Find your spot in the program; there's something for everyone!

  • Contribute back to the Drupal project

See you at DrupalCon!