Demystifying Decoupled Drupal with Contenta CMS

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Note: This, and other lab sessions, will not be recorded.

Decoupled Drupal is all the rage, but getting going can be intimidating. How can you get started without having to understand, install, and configure all the components needed in a Decoupled Drupal backend?

Hello Contenta CMS!

Contenta is an open source API-first Drupal distribution that makes out of the box decoupled Drupal accessible. No need to install Drupal and figure out which modules and libraries are needed to create a robust backend for your websites and applications.This session will demonstrate installing Contenta, working with included features, using demo content and consumers, and working with the Contenta community.

We’ll kick off with a discussion around the benefits of decoupling Drupal. Attendees can look forward to live Contenta install and feature demonstrations. In addition, Stockwatch, an open source React frontend and Contenta backend application, will be used for live demonstrations. Stockwatch demos will include review of code and the running application.


  • Why decouple Drupal?

  • What’s Contenta?

  • Contenta features and capabilities

  • Installing and updating Contenta

  • Stockwatch demonstrations

    • React Frontend

    • Contenta Backend

    • Reading and writing data between the frontend and Contenta backend

    • OAuth


  • At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
    • Install Contenta

    • Know how to find and utilize documentation on Contenta and related technology

    • Know how to contribute back to Contenta

    • Know how to connect a frontend application to a Contenta backend

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decoupled, front end development, javascript

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When & Where

Thursday, 11 April, 2019 - 10:45 to 12:15
618 | Level 6