Engineering the Stacks: Georgia Tech Library's Drupal 8 Transformation


Leave your library card at home – we’re heading deep into the stacks to cover a Drupal 8 redesign for the Georgia Tech Library! This session will be an in-depth case study covering the strategy, design, and development of Georgia Tech Library’s new Drupal 8 website (launching early 2019). Illuminating both the agency and stakeholder perspectives, this unique session will be lead by Mediacurrent’s Lead UI/UX Designer and Lead Architect along with the Georgia Tech Library’s Technology Program Manager & Web Services Librarian. Our challenge was to transform a dated design and hard-coded HTML/PHP website into a modern, top-shelf Drupal platform. The result is not only a highly-customizable and technologically advanced website that puts the Library in a leadership position among their campus and higher ed peers but also a model of an exciting partnership built on trust and collaboration.

Key topics and takeaways attendees will walk away with include:


  • Persona research – who, what, why

  • User journey and/or use case development – understanding intentions

  • Establishing requirements – framing the project

  • RFP creation – key components

  • Partner selection – answering partner questions, establishing a rubric, working with procurement

  • Internal rodeo – keeping internal stakeholders informed and aligned


  • Interpreting and synthesizing persona research – connecting the dots of user journeys

  • Design research – setting the stage with information and inspiration

  • Navigating an in-process brand refresh – making connections to ensure success

  • Designing flexible components – creating a toolkit for a highly customizable content editing experience

  • Design review & QA – active participation in code reviews to refine design details

  • Agile design – keeping pace with consistent feedback

  • Collaborating for success – working with both external and internal stakeholders to ensure excellent outcomes


  • Writing an accurate functional spec – detailing technology

  • Providing flexible page building with Paragraphs – adding flexibility and control

  • Bento Search with React – connecting multiple endpoints

  • Managing scope – keeping it realistic


All skill levels are welcome and no previous knowledge is required to attend.

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back end development, case study, ux

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