Holistic development and operations environment


The session describes the benefits of taking the holistic approach of application development instead of separating it into different phases or departments. Session is intented for both developers and operations people as well as marketing and management people seeking to improve the speed and quality of application delivery.

Devops does not just mean the technical practices and tools to put your code into production with confidence. It is much more than that. It is an overall approach where the entire organization must acknowledge the existence of devops. Starting from sales and marketing, devops must be an integral part of their processes to be included in every project. It must be taken seriously. Eventually, when the project is passed on to the next party taking responsibility of the project, it is essential to have the best devops practices in place. We can't be limited by the term devops, but rather extended the term to holistic development and operations environments covering all the aspects of an organization that need to operate in harmony to deliver the best possible products and service. 

In this session I will show you how devops should affect different parts of the organization outlining how devops practices live along the lifecycle of a product from sales to support.

I will also discuss how we at Wunder are utilizing cross-functional teams and other practices to make sure devops is present across the board. This session also covers the different ways in which we are bringing the process into every part of the project lifecycle in a meaningful way. My aim is to give concrete examples and tools for everyone of how to include devops as an integral part of the project workflow - also in multi-country organizations, where the team members and processes themselves can be dispersed.


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Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 13:00 to 13:25
Stolz 2