A leader or a manager? How to define your leadership stand.


What do you stand for?

I believe everyone should ask him/herself this question at least once in a lifetime.

I did ask myself. Not even just once. I do this kind of self-assessment from time to time to track my life direction and check if my daily life corresponds with my core personal values.

Knowing your leadership stand helps you live a bright and dedicated life, properly lead your team and succeed in what you truly love doing. Unfortunately, the speed of a modern life doesn’t leave us much space to stop and think about what we are doing and why. Therefore we are sinking in everyday’s routine and lose time that we could have used for achievements and self-development.

Sounds dramatic, but I have a solution!

I’ve combined all my knowledge about leadership with some theories and studies and come up with a simple approach to defining a leadership stand. This stand is your essence, your values and your leadership goals. Knowing what you stand for in this life helps to get on your own feet and achieve outstanding results both in professional area and in self-realization.

Of course, talking about all these reasons and “whys” can’t happen without a Simon Sinek’s model of Golden Circle. On the session we’ll use it to discover a secret ingredient of an influential leadership, learn how to find out why are you doing what you are doing and how to transmit your leadership stand and values to others. All these will allow you to be a solid personality surrounded by soulmates.

However, understanding of what kind of a leader you are or want to be is not enough. The point is to live it each and every day. In order to do so, we’ll do our life values assessment and define their place in our daily life. That will reveal the gaps between our perception of our life and an objective reality. And in conclusion of the session we’ll finalize your leadership stand based on your life values and your image of an achievable future.

This session сonsists not only of theories but also of applied practice, so if you take this opportunity, you will leave with a tangible result. But if you are more into listening and self-reflecting, you will also find useful information for yourself. 

The session is for: 

  • A manager who wants to become a better leader for his/her team. 
  • A CEO who strives to surround his/herself with people who share the same values. 
  • Any person who seeks for purpose of life.

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Being Human

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When & Where

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:45
Schubert 1-2