Asia 2016

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With DrupalCon Asia right around the corner, we are having to contain our excitement until it arrives. So many individuals have been working for many months to help contibute to making DrupalCon Asia a truly community-focused event, which is what Drupal is all about.

Why is Drupal so popular among educational institutions? Drupal is used by hundreds of educational institutions around the world, including IIT Bombay, the university where we are hosting DrupalCon Asia. Did you know that 71 of the top 100 universities like Harvard, Duke, MIT, UPenn, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and McGill use Drupal to run their web infrastructure? There are many more such facts we will be sharing at Higher Education summit at DrupalCon.

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India is a massive country: with a population of over 1.2 billion and covering nearly 1.3 million square miles (~3.3 million square km), India is full of opportunities for adventure. With so much to choose from, we wanted to show the Druplicon experiencing some of the best that India has to offer. This comic strip is called Safar-e Drupal: the name is written in urdu, a language widely used in Indian Subcontinent. The word "safar" translates to "journey" in English, so the words "Safar-e-Drupal" is a way of saying that a journey and Drupal are interconnected.

Great news for anyone who’s excited about DrupalCon Asia: the schedule is up! You can now plan out your experience in Mumbai when you build your own schedule with sessions, sprints, and BOF (birds of a feather) discussions.

To get started building your own schedule, simply click the “Add to my schedule” text that appears when viewing the thumbnail for each session. You can see all of the sessions on your schedule when you click the purple “My Schedule” button at the top of the DrupalCon daily schedule pages.