Asia 2016

News & Updates

DrupalCon Asia 2016 is shaping up to be an amazing event with participation from all of the major system integrators and the Indian Drupal community.

Did you know that companies such as TCS, Sapient, Accenture, Cap Gemini, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro and Mindtree all have 40+ member Drupal teams? Some of these firms have 300 or 400 people working in Drupal - making them the some of the largest employers of Drupal talent in the world.

The easiest way to get started with Drupal is to do some stuff with Drupal, without writing any code. Yes, there is a module for everything in Drupal. But what makes Drupal even more powerful is how you could get these modules work together, again without any coding!

So, What is a Drupal Site Building Recipe?

Well it could be a bunch of modules that you could put together to build a site that accomplishes a set goal. A set of instructions on how you configured the modules to work together would make the recipe even more interesting.

The Drupal Association has partnered with Niswey, an India-based marketing firm, to provide marketing materials for DrupalCon Asia. Every few weeks, we'll be sharing the blogs and comic strips that our Niswey friends have created in anticipation of the convention.

It's almost here, the first DrupalCon in Asia. As front enders, we code and build themes. We closely work with project managers, content strategists, marketers alike. This year, at DrupalCon Asia, we're looking forward to a track that inspires, challenges, and excites us.

Contributions are the crux of any open source project and Drupal is no exception. The Drupal community is one of the best open source communities in the world and not to miss the slogan “Come for the Software, Stay for the Community” which shows how amazing Drupal Community is.

When I say Drupal community, it’s not just about Drupal developers, it’s a mix of people from all walks of life from all over the world: Developers, site builders, freelances, front end engineers, event organizers, business executives and Organizations etc,.