Propose a Training

The proposal period for Training courses at DrupalCon Baltimore has ended. We will be announcing the accepted training courses on February 27th.

Due to the number of high-quality training proposals submitted for each DrupalCon, the selection process is competitive, with many more excellent trainings being submitted than can be selected. The following criteria is used to rank trainings during the selection process. We encourage trainers to provide rich detail for each criteria point when developing their proposals. Trainings will take place on Monday, April 24 from 9am-5pm at the Baltimore Convention Center.  

Training Criteria

  • The course will increase attendee's skills in Drupal.
  • There is demand for this subject.
  • The training has successfully run before.
  • The course description is clearly described.
  • The course agenda describes a well-paced lesson plan.
  • The trainer/s have experience as trainers in the topic.
  • The trainer/s have a history of providing an excellent training experience.
  • The trainer/s have a promotion plan for marketing and attracting sales.
  • Demonstrating the quality of the trainers and their training history is a plus.
  • All DrupalCon training companies must enter into a legally binding contract with the Drupal Association, which clearly outlines important training information including expenses, course fees and pricing, important dates and deadlines, marketing obligations, training sales goals, and criteria for course cancellation.