Cancelled: Why Klingon Matters for Content: The Secret Power of Language

What can Klingon—the language spoken by the aliens with the bumpy foreheads on Star Trek—teach us about content?\

Language is how we interpret the world of content, whether it's made of words, video, audio, or VR. In this session, we'll examine how a fictional language can provide us the tools to better understand (create, categorize, and strategize) intelligent and engaging content. We'll explore how the fundamentals of linguistic analysis— from the emotional impact of sounds to the meaning of words in context— can guide us in building better experiences for audiences and serve as the foundation for a more robust content model for stakeholders.

Why Klingon? Constructed languages like Klingon allow us to see and discuss the core principles of communication without getting bogged down with the personal anecdotes and exceptions that come with natural langauges, like English or Spanish. By reframing content production to an alien language for an alien society, we free ourselves to imagine new kinds of relationships between content pieces, even new ways of producer-user interaction, and even entirely new kinds of content.

Attendees will examine how linguistic principles can inform content strategy, pinpointing specific pitfalls and mismatches between spoken, written, and online communication. Attendees will learn to use these principles to plan, model, and create content.

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UX/Content Strategy

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04/27/2017 - 14:45 to 04/27/2017 - 15:15
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