Contribution events

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"Not everybody needs to be a hardcore PHP developer or become a core contributor as part of their Drupal journey. Contribution is appreciated by all different roles, in different aspects," said Katrin Valdre (@nonsie).

What is contribution?

A contribution event is a get-together for collaborative work on a Drupal project. Contributions to a project can include, but are not limited to: organizing events, designing a user interface, translating text, writing documentation, reviewing other contributions, reviewing bugs and submitting reports, and writing code. 

Who should participate?

Everyone! Project managers, bug reporters, designers, QA testers, people to help write documentation, front-end and back-end developers, etc… If you are not sure where to get started, we have mentors to assist you.

We welcome participants from all experience levels, backgrounds, genders, races, sexual identities, religions, ages, and abilities. We particularly welcome community members from marginalized groups. The world is diverse and we can only make the best Drupal experience for everyone by including all.

Why contribute?

Contribution is an important part of Drupal's growth, and doing so in person offers training, collaboration and mentoring alongside friendly, experienced contributors. 

Join us to meet other contributors and work on tasks in the Drupal issue queue. There are many ways to contribute while at DrupalCon Global 2020; please come and experience this community in action!

Which contribution opportunity is for me?


How will a virtual contribution day work?

The Virtual Contribution Days are being held on a special contribution portal with virtual contribution tables. Read on to see which area in our virtual contributions rooms is for you, then jump over to the contribution portal and choose a group to join!


First-Time Contributor Workshop

Those who are new to the process and tools of contributing to Drupal are invited to attend one of the First-Time Contributor Workshops. Get up to speed with community tools, including, issue queues and communication channels. If needed, we'll help you install Drupal 8 or 9 locally. Our mentors are excited to prepare you to tackle real issues. The First Time Contributor Workshop will be available as a video to watch any time and we will be posting Q&A sessions in the main DrupalCon Global Program you can join for help.



Mentored Contribution

If you are already familiar with the tools we use — such as the issue queue or a local development environment — but could still use help choosing issues and navigating the process, Mentored Contribution is for you. Learn while helping to improve Drupal! Mentors will be available to help you get started. If you are new to contribution, come here after you have completed the First-Time Contributor Workshop. 

Visit the Mentored Contribution Room

General Contribution

If you have experience with Drupal issues and maybe already picked a team/topic, General Contribution is for you. You can join one of the many forums, such as: Drupal 9, documentation, migrate, media, frontend and more; check back for specifics. General Contribution does not have formal mentoring available, but if you have questions, volunteer experts will be on hand to work with you. A 'space' for General Contribution will be available daily.

Join the General Contribution Room

Can you help mentor?

Are you already familiar with the core contribution process? Want to help other contributors? We need lots of mentors to work with our first-time contributors. Previous experience mentoring is not a requirement.

Please let us know how you can help by filling in the Mentor Spreadsheet of Awesomness.


What to bring?

  • An interest in Drupal contribution
  • A computer and an internet connection to join in
  • That's it!

How should I tag issues I work on?

Please tag your issues Global2020 (note the use of a capital G and no spaces!)

I will need a development environment — how do I set that up?

If you know you will need a development environment for your choice of contribution activity, come to a First-Time Contributor Workshop to set one up. You are also encouraged to set up your development environment on your own if you're able. For guidance, visit the documentation guide.

Some useful references for development activities: