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The Drupal Association is committed to growing the participation of underrepresented communities in tech and the Drupal community. Our scholarship program is designed to provide enhanced access to underrepresented groups as well as individuals with an economic barrier to participation.  The move to a virtual conference provides a unique opportunity to broaden our reach.  For that reason we are significantly increasing the number of scholarships available.  In addition, many Minneapolis ticket holders have donated all or a portion of their refund to our scholarship fund as a part of #DrupalCares, further increasing our ability to provide scholarships.  

As part of our expanded scholarship program, we are broadening our outreach to tech community organizations, both inside and outside the Drupal community and across the globe, giving them scholarship tickets to invite people from traditionally underrepresented groups in our community.  We have invited the following groups to recommend individuals they believe have demonstrated an interest in open source and their presence will both be a benefit to their skills and a benefit to the people at DrupalCon Global: the 29 Drupal local associations around the world, Drupal Diversity & Inclusion, TechUpWomen, SheCodeAfrica, WomenTech Network, Semicolon, Pehia, Proga{m}aria, WoMakersCode, WitU, FOSSASIAAfriLabs,  iUrban Teen, OSCAfrica, and Black Women in STEM 2.0.

While we encourage you to reach out to these partner organizations if you are aligned with their mission, you can also directly apply for financial support:

Apply for a financial hardship scholarship

More than just a ticket

We see DrupalCon Global 2020 scholarships as a way to provide access and opportunities for those that may not previously have been able to attend DrupalCon in person to gain access into our community.

We hope to have a large group of people at the event who have never experienced DrupalCon before and will not “know their way around”. We will, therefore, be creating a “DrupalCon scholarship mentoring group”, where we will “buddy up” scholarship recipients who are new to DrupalCon with people who can help introduce them to our community.

If you think you could be one of our scholarship mentors, and if you have attended DrupalCon before, we would be delighted to have you onboard – please sign up and we will be in contact with the materials and support connections you need.

I want to be a scholarship mentor

In return

In return for being awarded a scholarship to DrupalCon Global 2020, recipients will be asked to work with their scholarship mentor to learn as much as they can at the event and then write about their experiences, letting us know where we can find what they write so we can amplify it to the world.