Building a mature Drupalcamp: Colorado's path from seven people to 100s


Local communities and camps are the lifeblood of Drupal - helping individuals connect, share knowledge and grow the Drupal project. However, a camp doesn’t start itself and stabilize overnight - it takes effort, passion, funding, people and a lot of hard work. Join us to learn from our mistakes, benefit from our successes and share some best practices for growing a Drupalcamp from tens to hundreds.


DrupalCamp Colorado started in early 2007 with just a few people sitting around a table at a small Drupal shop in Boulder, Colorado eating Pizza and talking about Drupal. It grew every year and culminated with the local community running the last community driven Drupalcon in 2012. Since then, it continues to draw participants and speakers from all over the world with three days of diverse content including: summits, trainings, sessions, a contribution day and at least one party.


We’ll spend some time talking about the history of the camp, how it changed and matured and ultimately what it takes to run a mature camp that is entering its 13th year.

Learning Objectives

  • Walk through the changes involved in growing the camp from a single-room pizza party to a three day event with 200+ people attending over the course of the camp

  • Explore the pros and cons of non-profit status, including how to work with a fiscal receiver if you want some of the benefits of non-profit status without creating a non-profit yourself

  • How we build and maintain an effective, up-to-date website without burning out our volunteer web team

  • Review how the camp goals have evolved over the years and how our current curriculum of full day trainings and summits, sessions and a contribution day support those goals

  • How we effectively market the camp with a limited budget and a volunteer marketing team

Target Audience

  • Event organizers with a young event who are looking to take the next step

  • Event organizers with a mature event who are interested in comparing approaches

  • Anyone considering starting a local event, but isn’t sure where to start

  • Anyone interested in getting involved in the growth of their local community



  • If you run a camp, bring your knowledge

  • If you are thinking about starting a camp, bring your curiosity


being human, contributions, & community


being human

Experience Level


When & Where

Friday, 17 July, 2020 - 00:15 to 01:00
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