Drupal 9: New Initiatives for Drupal

Gábor Hojtsy

With Drupal 9 set to be released, what new initiatives should the project consider going forward? Do you have an idea for a new initiative? 

This session will serve as a platform for discussion of new ideas as we move forward into the next chapter of Drupal.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss new ideas for Drupal 9 initiatives
  • Solicit feedback on Initiative proposals
  • Help define our future path

Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning, suggesting, or participating in the discussion of new initiative ideas for Drupal 9.


Interest in moving Drupal forward!


What's Next


drupal 9
drupal core
drupal initiatives

Experience Level


When & Where

Wednesday, 15 July, 2020 - 19:15 to 20:00
Hopin Sessions

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