Getting ready for Drupal 9: Upgrading your module


In this talk we will see the steps taken for making a /contrib/ module ready for Drupal 9 once it's released, not only from a development perspective but from the process and tools used too, from the experience of getting the Lingotek module ready for Drupal 9.

The Lingotek module is complex enough for getting an overview of lots of API upgrades, new features needed to be supported, and the processes that helped that happen.

From a development perspective, we will talk about the process for supporting those API changes and additions, the tools used for helping the upgrade, and how tests are an  important tool for helping that.

From a process perspective, we will see how we did that involving the community and how being early adopters can actually help others with their upgrades too. 

Outline (Draft/WIP, too long shot to D9 at sessions submission):

Learning Objectives

Having an overview of the changes needed in your code for getting ready for Drupal 9.

Having an overview of the tools that can help you in getting ready for Drupal 9.

Target Audience

People involved with Drupal development and processes: developers, CTOs.


Experience with Drupal 8 is important. I think this will be OK for beginners, but best outcome will come for Intermediate.


Development & Coding


back-end development
drupal 9

Experience Level


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