Outstanding admin UX


Drupal is a powerful tool for creating and managing structured content, which can result in an overwhelming admin experience for someone who isn’t well-versed in Drupal terminology or UI conventions. Fortunately, Drupal is extremely flexible and extendable, which allows us, as builders, to create a sensible, focused experience for content admins.

We’ll walk through admin UX improvements that leverage tools from the contrib and core space, along with admin theme, architecture and UX customizations to create a top-notch admin experience. We’ll cover everything from planning to implementation and how to make sure you are squeezing as much as you can out of your Drupal admin UI.

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QIh_4WrfTKQ-MfBXUWFs2iIQbfyTd2KaPFfmQiEzhLg/edit?usp=sharing

Learning Objectives

  • Use out-of-the-box tools to improve standard Drupal admin conventions (including Layout Builder!)
  • Implement contrib modules that will drastically improve the content admin experience
  • Evaluate which admin experience is right for your content admins
  • Focus your custom development time on areas that will have the most impact for your content admins.

Target Audience

  • Site builders, developers and designers who would like to make Drupal more approachable for their content admins.
  • Anyone who’s had a bad content admin experience in Drupal and would like to see how good it can be.


Intermediate Drupal site building vocabulary and experience (you know what a node is and how that’s different from a taxonomy term)


Site Building


drupal 8
editor experience
site building

Experience Level


When & Where

Thursday, 16 July, 2020 - 15:15 to 16:00
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