Are you ready to create a great shopping experience? Build a working Webshop (responsive, of course!) by developing a Drupal extension that integrates Drupal 8 and SPHERE.IO. Compete for your chance to win  $5,000 SPHERE.IO transaction credit  to run your own Shop or use for a Client, $500 cash, AND your chance at a paid contract to continue to create a more robust integration! Entry has been extended to Monday,  May 18th so enter now! 

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More Details:

+ Submit your solution by 9:00pm Monday, May 1th

+ Add scalable content driven e-commerce to a drupal site using the SPHERE.IO eCommerce API. 

+ Create a front end with the following pages

         - Home page

         - Search page

         - Product page

         - Cart page (No checkout, yet)


We will provide some sample data to use but you are free to create your own as well.

+ Get creative: no need to stick to typical shop UI patterns. There should be an always visible shopping cart nonetheless.

+ Show us how easy it is for content creators to build commerce & content mashups. 

The Result: A Drupal 8 Module that uses the SPHERE.IO PHP SDK, is GPLv2+ Licensed and developed in public on in a sandbox repo. The README must cover all steps to set up a local example site from scratch. 

Commercetools will offer support via a special Drupalcon support email or through normal support channels.

The Jury:

Arthur Lawida, GM USA commercetools; Dirk Hoerig, CEO commercetools;

We will select the winner by judging the following parameters:

    1. Architecture of the extension: simple, flexible, scalable, etc... 

    2. Coolness of the design

    3. Grade of responsiveness: How it looks on web, mobile and tablet


- $5k SPHERE.IO transaction credit - run your own Shop or use for a Client

- A real, serious Bavarian hat  – and a Edelweiss Scarf / or Bavarian charms for bracelet

Come by room 503 on Monday, May 11th from 3:00pm - 5:00pm if you have any questions! Winner will be announced Wednesday, May 14th at 10:45am at the Drupal Association booth.

Submit Your Solution Here

When & Where

Monday, 11 May, 2015 - 15:00 to 17:00
503- Mediacurrent

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