Grants and Scholarships

We’re pleased to announce that the grant and scholarship recipients for DrupalCon Los Angeles have been selected and finalized!

Thanks to generosity from our sponsors, we were able to extend offers of financial aid to 17 individuals worldwide! Every candidate underwent a comprehensive evaluation by a committee of volunteers from the Drupal community.

The selection criteria for applicants seeking grants focused on the importance of the candidate to the Drupal project and code as a whole. Scholarships, meanwhile, were awarded based on the impact or influence on the Drupal community and Drupal adoption that the person would have at their home region— though these were just a few of the many factors taken into account during the selection process.

We’d like to offer a big congratulations to our DrupalCon Los Angeles Grant & Scholarship recipients! Way to go!



Emma Karayiannis (emma.maria)

Jeremy Thorson (jthorson)

Bojhan Somers (Bojhan)

Michael Anello (ultimike)

Pere Orga (Pere Orga)

Joël Pittet (joelpittet)

Daniel Wehner (dawehner)

Lauri Eskola (lauriii)

Amit Goyal (amitgoyal)

Frédéric Marand (fgm)



Rachit Gupta (rachit_gupta)

Pedro Cambra (pcambra)

PingYee Yau (cloudbull)

Chakrapani Reddivari (chakrapani)

Heissen López (heilop)

Luis Eduardo Telaya Escobedo (edutrul)

Remember, earlybird pricing ends this week. So if you see a session you like, or if you see a scholarship or grant recipient you absolutely must meet, make sure you buy your ticket before 11:59 PDT on Friday, March 27.
See you in Los Angeles!