Apply for a Grant or Scholarship

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Submissions for this form are closed.

Applications for grants and scholarships have closed as of February 27th at midnight, Los Angeles local time (UTC -8).

The Rules

While we realize attending DrupalCon is a dream for many, we are obligated to require upfront a few necessary things to help ensure the funds from the Drupal community are being managed responsibly.

If you are selected to attend, you will be awarded a full or partial grant or scholarship, based on your selections below and our total award budget.

In exchange, we ask that you:

  • meet any deadlines set by our Coordinators
  • follow any provided purchasing or reimbursement instructions
  • volunteer 4 or more hours onsite at DrupalCon Los Angeles (General or Core Mentoring)

Please do not take acceptance of this award lightly. If you accept the offer and then are unable to attend the conference, you will be ineligible from receiving a grant or scholarship in the future.