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Sessions and BoFs are live

DrupalCon Los Angeles is less than a month away, and we couldn't be more excited for the great lineup of sessions and training opportunities. We're thrilled to announce that the schedule is now live on the website, so you can begin building your own dream DrupalCon schedule and planning your day. BOFs are also open, so make sure you claim your space soon -- they go quickly!

Announcing DrupalCon Los Angeles Keynote Speaker Whitney Hess

We are so excited to announce our final keynote speaker for the upcoming DrupalCon Los Angeles, Whitney Hess.

Whitney is a coach, writer and speaker helping people bring their whole selves to their work. For the last decade, she has coached hundreds of companies on how to make their products easier and more pleasurable to use, boost the bottom line, and do work they love. Whitney is the co-host of the podcast Designing Yourself, writes on her blog Pleasure & Pain, and speaks at conferences and corporations worldwide. 

Higher Ed Summit: More tickets!

Did you miss your chance to sign up for the Higher-Ed Summit? This first-ever event is so popular that we already sold out. Clearly, higher-ed is a lively crowd!

But worry not, college or university Drupalers: second chances do exist. We will release an additional twenty tickets on April 13 at 12:00pm (Pacific Standard Time).

What will I learn?

Our most suggested topics are:

  • Maintaining brand consistency on sites across campus

Thank you to our Media Partners

We love our Media Partners for DrupalCon! Thanks to these partners, we tell a wider audience outside of the Drupal community that DrupalCon is an event not to be missed. Here’s a little bit about each of our partners for DrupalCon Los Angeles. Check them out if you aren’t already following their social media or reading their publications. And don’t forget to say hello to them at DrupalCon too!

Join the DrupalCon Los Angeles Business Summit

The Business Summit is a highly valuable event for business executives in the Drupal space to learn from each other, receive expert advice, and network. It is a one-day event held on Monday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Along with the Higher-Ed and Community Summits, the Business Summit will meet on Monday, May 11.

Together we will share best practices, tips for staying relevant in a fast moving market, how to collaborate and compete, and tools for generating value for your business. It's also a great way to meet other business leaders and growing organizations.

Three Reasons to Send Your Team to DrupalCon

It can be difficult to decide whether to send representatives of your organization to DrupalCon. You may find yourself asking questions like, what's the ROI? What’s the value of being there in person? Is it really worth the money? There are tremendous benefits, measurable and immeasurable, to sending your employees to DrupalCon. Here are three reasons why going is a win-win for both your employees and your organization.

Announcing DrupalCon Los Angeles Keynote Speaker Matt Asay

While seeing the Driesnote is always a highlight of every DrupalCon, this year's other keynote speakers are guaranteed to please as well. We are excited to announce one of the keynote speakers for DrupalCon Los Angeles: on Thursday morning, expect to hear from Matt Asay, a seasoned open source professional and regular tech columnist.


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