10 tips about Drush

Last year, I wrote my second book on Drush: Drush for Developers. In this session I will share the 10 most important tips that I have learned while using, contributing and writing about Drush. They will give you a foundation to be able to set up tools to manage Drupal projects within a team.

 Here is the list:

  1. Installation methods.
  1. Structuring command invocations.
  1. Keeping configuration and code in sync.
  1. Configuring cron.
  1. Running long tasks.
  1. Logging messages.
  1. Error handling and debugging.
  1. Managing local and remote environments.
  1. Moving configuration, commands and aliases out of Drupal.
  1. Setting up a development workflow.

I will prepare short recordings with examples for each of these tips so we can discuss them.

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Coding and Development

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