27 Questions (and Answers) from My First Drupal 8 Site Build


Drupal 8 brings many changes—from grand shifts in philosophy and mindset, to trivial renaming of files.  We've all read about these changes with great anticipation over the past several years.  Now I ask the question: what is it like to actually build a product with this thing?

In this fast-paced talk, I'll describe my first Drupal 8 site build, and answer all of the questions that tripped me up in the process.  No matter how deep your knowledge of object oriented programming, when the rubber meets the road, you're going to have questions.

How do I disable commenting?  How do I attach custom Javascript?  Why aren't my template files loading?  Where the #*&%$ is jQuery!?  These questions and many, many more answered in this talk.

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Coding and Development

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