5 challenges we faced at MSNBC


Two years ago, Lullabot joined MSNBC to migrate content from their legacy sites into a single Drupal installation with a new editorial and publishing workflow. Now MSNBC.com broadcasts two news channels online, has a solid development workflow, and is in constant evolution. In this session we will cover the 5 most remarkable challenges that we faced together.

Structuring fields (so many of them)
  • Shared fields are into a module along with their logic.
  • Kept the data model in a spreadsheet to fine tune the usage of each field.
  • Videos where custom entities but then moved them to nodes for easier integration in nodequeues and embedded content.
Making the front end flexible and dynamic
  • Made the header and footer embeddable with Angularjs so partner sites could use it.
  • Moved many components to be processed client side.
  • Used AngularJS forms instead of Drupal forms whenever possible.
  • Drupal Behaviors interact with AngularJS modules via events or the Drupal JavaScript object.
Peer reviewing code Making sql-sync fast Optimizing the workflow
  • Code flows downstream. Data flows upstream.
  • One single process to update the database.
  • Branch and release management through Jenkins.
  • Hosting in Acquia. Fine tuned its deployment hooks.

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