The 5 Pillars of Digital Transformation


The world has gone digital and great digital experiences have changed the relationships of people to technology and citizens to government.

The role of technology has shifted to that of an effective enabler rather than being the primary focus. In the increasingly fast-paced world of technology innovation, businesses and governments are being challenged to use the latest digital technologies to provide and sustain engaging experiences and deliver information and services anywhere, anytime on any device.

Executing a pragmatic, sustainable digital strategy may seem daunting. However the right mindset combined with the right migration roadmap and technologies can help organizations leap over the digital chasm to reduce costs, increase user satisfaction, and prepare for whatever the future web brings.

In this session I will explain how organizations can optimize their digital strategy through applying the 5 Pillars of Digital Transformation:

  1. Digital Cloud

  2. Open Software

  3. Multi Channel Delivery

  4. Personalized Experiences

  5. Cultural Shift

Within each area I will outline the scope and detail the "what", discuss technologies and approaches - the "how", and tell stories from customers in the public sector and various commercial verticals - the "who".

By attending this session, attendees will have an easy to apply digital transformation model to take back to their organization.

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Business and Strategy

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