5 reasons to build your startup with Drupal


How Drupal empowers (non-technical) startup founders and helps them gain market share faster

Whenever I talk with developers in the startup community, most of them scoff at the thought of building a product with Drupal. If you are building a marketing website, sure then they think Drupal is ok, but if you want to build a SaaS product, even Drupal developers will often tell you that Drupal is not the right tool. Most technical startup founders will tell you to use Go, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and/or Angular.js. And if we are brutally honest, having developed a product on top of Drupal 7, they have a point, there are plenty of technologies that are easier to productise... 

So is it a mistake to build your startup with Drupal? With Drupal 8 things will get a lot better, but even in Drupal 7, which was not built with code driven development as a core principle, there are a series of scenarios in which Drupal excells.

In this session I will list them out and explain why I think Drupal should be part of every startup founder's toolbox. 

This is an important message that we should be spreading with the Drupal community. Non-technical founders are listening to the developers, and Drupal is missing an important opportunity to be at the heart of the businesses of the future, and that while it has so much to offer...

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