5 Years in: Drupal Distributions Panel


This panel discussion will assemble members from the teams behind some of Drupal’s most popular distributions -- feature rich standalone applications built on Drupal -- while also providing perspective on how distributions are used by organizations from outside the Drupal ecosystem.

It’s been over five years since packaging improvements to Drupal.org made it possible for anyone to build and easily download a complete Drupal distribution. In that time, usage of and contribution to purpose-build distributions of Drupal has increased significantly with major investments from a range of brands in the Drupal space (and even some organizations who haven’t historically been big users of Drupal).


So, what is the current state of Drupal distributions, both in the market and from a technical perspective?


We’ll cover topics including:


  • How has the Drupal distro ecosystem changed over the last five years?

  • What challenges are there for the next five years of distribution growth?

  • Have distributions introduced new organizations to Drupal that wouldn’t have otherwise adopted it?

  • To what extent have distributions succeeded in re-using components such as underlying modules across distributions?

  • How does increased use of Github affect development of distributions on Drupal.org?

  • Distributions in Drupal 8

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Site Building

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When & Where

Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 15:45 to 16:45
515B -Forum One