7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers


An interactive web team is made up of several key specialists. They include designers, developers, user experience architects, and more. Everyone creates something that you can see, test, and share - everyone except the project manager.

This role is also important but much more subtle and harder to define. We spend our days talking to clients, asking questions of our teams, moving things around on spreadsheets, and writing emails. It is hard to explain, making it challenging to focus on the position as a whole and improve.

Let’s change that! Instead of focusing on a specific process or a tool, this session will isolate habits – seven in fact - that make a project manager great. These include:

  • Using your communication channels
  • Owning your process
  • Making it your job to educate
  • Mastering facilitation
  • Being firm on your principles and flexible on everything else.
  • Embracing the ‘administration’ of your job.
  • Giving back to your community

By taking a more holistic view of this key position, we can improve our impact within the team and make our clients lives better. This conversation should include veterans, newbies, and team members that wear the project manager hat more often then they want to admit. 

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