Accelerating Cloud Development with Z-Ray for Azure (From Microsoft & Zend)


Microsoft and Zend will demonstrate how their integrated technologies deliver an unmatched development experience in the cloud. Z-Ray for Azure is designed to drastically accelerate development time and is instrumental to create higher quality, and better performing apps. Z-Ray on Azure is like a developer’s cockpit, continuously showing you the inner workings of your application – right inside the browser window, seamlessly integrating into your app’s web UI.  No more guesswork regarding which part of the app took the most time to run, how many and which database queries were executed, or what values the session variables had during the request – all of this data and a lot more is now available right where you need it, whenever you need it, and without having to setup or use cumbersome tools like debuggers or profilers. Z-Ray for Azure has deep integrated support for Drupal.  You’re going to get detailed information about plugin load time breakdown, cache utilization, theme breakdown and much more.  And get extra semantic information automatically, without having to change your app at all, not even a single line of code!

Z-Ray doesn’t stop there. It enables developers to take a look at what’s happening under the hood of production websites – without affecting the experience of users who are using the very same website at the same time.  Imagine that there’s some problem on your production website, and while it’s running uninterrupted – both in terms of performance and functionality – you can put on ‘X-Ray goggles’, figuratively speaking, and have you and you alone see all the detailed information about how the code is running right inside your app’s web pages.  Sounds powerful?  It is.  Very.

Come see for yourself how Z-Ray on Azure will help you accelerate your development in the cloud.



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