Add the Migrate API to your Drupal 8 toolbox


Migration is a requirement in almost every project. Drupal 8 has already made a lot of progress on including a migrate API. As of today, the focus is on migration from Drupal 6 to drupal 8 since drupal 6 will be deprecated shortly after the drupal 8 release date.

But what about migration from a legacy CMS to drupal 8? What is already available? What custom code do you need to write? And how do you do it?

In this session, I walk through my journey of migrating an old FAQ site to a brand new Drupal 8 system. You will have a general overview of the ETL process, how I used the Migrate API, how to develop your custom Plugin to read from a custom datasource. Throughout the talk, I will also make some small sidesteps on my first experiences with developing for Drupal 8. 

As no UI is available, knowledge of drush is a requirement to follow along. You should also have a basic understanding about the new Plugin system, but experience is not needed.

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Coding and Development

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