Adobe AEM Intro - Our biggest competitor & how to win against them


Feeling the pressure of increased competition in the DX space?  There are hundreds of deals out there where prospects don't consider Drupal.  Instead, they choose to consider our competitors like Adobe, Sitecore, and others.

What's the good news?  Our competitors are feeling major heat when competing against us which means they are getting ready to beat us with FUD - it's only a matter of time before we win big time.

In this session we will

  • Introduce our biggest competition: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • AEM positioning & business value
  • AEM UI overview
  • Deconstruct issues & challenges with AEM

Who are we and why come to the session?

We are passionate about Drupal and spreading the Drupal word across the entire world. We see our competition daily and want to pass some of our knowledge to others - come if you ever see Adobe AEM in your agency or if you are interested in seeing how you can grow your presence with more and bigger customers.

  • Jakub Suchy - comes from a Drupal background, currently focusing on the Drupal world domination - getting as many people as possible to use Drupal, demoing it to them, showing them the value and advantages
  • Viral Patel - comes from an Adobe background before deciding to focus on Open Source and Drupal, will bring the perspective of seeing the world from the other side

Session Track

Business and Strategy

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