Memorial Sloan Kettering: Adventures in Enterprise Drupal 8


Memorial Sloan Kettering is preparing to launch two websites in Drupal 8. As one of the first organizations to migrate its Drupal 6 content management system onto an enterprise Drupal 8 platform, Memorial Sloan Kettering has learned first hand the major challenges and advantages of building in Drupal 8.

In this session, project members from MSK, Phase2, and Digitas will explore the decision to take the leap to Drupal 8 and the reality of building in D8 while it is still a beta. Get details on the brute force migration process, front-end integrations and wiring up with twig in practice, and community contributions to accelerate Drupal 8 in the process of a flagship redesign for one of the leaders in the healthcare space.

We’ll elaborate on the challenges we faced and strategies we used to build on Drupal 8 and how you can learn from them!

Finally, we’ll answer some of your most burning questions:

  • How did you accomplish moving an existing Drupal 6 site with 25,000 plus pages of content to Drupal 8 while redesigning at the same time?
  • Should other organizations consider building in Drupal 8?
  • What tools and best practices were used by developers/sys admins?
  • What contrib modules are being used?
  • How difficult was it for the team to learn Drupal 8?
  • What is being used for layout and webforms?What external libraries and APIs are being used?

Bring your questions and your enthusiasm to join us for this co-organizational panel! For background reading, check out this case study before the session:

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Business Showcase

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Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 10:45 to 11:45
409AB - InMotion Hosting