Agile Journey of a Drupal Company


It is easy to envision a Agile enterprise, yet we have found as a community that it is quite difficult to accomplish. Ever thought when you start to scale Agile, you would get it right first time? Ever thought Agile adoption is full of experiments? We did! This session explores real world learning and observations when attempting to mature organisations from single team to multiple teams.

We will discuss top 10 experiments we did and they are still on!

1. Organisation Structure  - Enterpreunership Model to facilitate self-organized work environment

2. Speed vs Perfection while choosing Drupal and Prototyping Ideas

3. Thinking Board for scrum masters

4. Scrum Board innovations

5. Creating virtual space to accommodate remote team members

6. Moving from ScrumMaster 1.0 role to ScrumMaster 2.0

7. Contracting Innovations

8. Agile Tool Mindset - coming in the way of agile transformation

9. Pair Testing - Reducing defect life cycle

10. BDD thinking to solve  “The Three Amigos Problem”

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Business and Strategy

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