Agile site development with Drupal

Owen Barton

Drupal sites are getting larger and more sophisticated, with aggressive deadlines and budgets. In this session we will cover a number of ways you can incorporate agile methodologies into your development process to deliver the most value, adapt to change, keep a handle on complexity and risk.

We will look at the development process from different angles - such as proposals, strategy, estimating, IA/design, architecture, prototyping, configuration, theming, custom development work, deployment and maintenance - and discuss ways you can bring them into you sprint cycle and what challenges you might face.

This session is not an introduction to agile methodologies (it would be good to come with some familiarity of that) - but primarily we will be putting Agile into practice from the point of view of the typical Drupal web development projects from the perspective of the whole development team.

Session Track

Site Building

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