The agile themer a.k.a. how to cure Divitis!


Drupal is so fond of divs that it generates 350% more divs than  actually needed for a task. Exact figures may vary though. We call this condition "Divitis". Lot of Drupal sites are plagued by this problem. You are not spared of it if you use blocks, views or panels. Unfortunately, all our sites are built out of them.

So, we step up and say to Drupal, we are going to take full control of your rendering and minimize Divitis in the process. We define exactly what DOM needs to be rendered and bully Drupal into doing so. Now you've killed 2 birds in one stone. You've cured Divitis and pipelined your workflow. Your frontend dev can independently create the DOM from the specs and have it ready while the backend developer codes the functionality. 

This session will teach you how to minimize Divitis from your theme/module/view/panel/page.


  • A thing or two about how to create Drupal 7 themes
  • First hand experience with Divitis is helpful but optional :)

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Front End

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