Analytics & Data Driven Marketing

Ben Finklea

Get more hits without SEO snake oil by knowing your users and reacting to better reporting using various marketing channels:

  • Facebook/Twitter Reporting - how to implement tracking pixels, etc.

  • Google Analytics - configuring the funnel so you track everything

  • Practical advice on how to increase conversions from Drupalers who do this for a living.

Now that you’re tracking, what do you do with the data? We’ll show you how the right reports can give you the practical insights you need to make better marketing decisions for your website, marketing, and business.

Are you thinking about personalization? We’ll show you how to use analytics to know how to personalize your site. We’ll then track personalizations so you know know how effective they really are.

This isn’t just about eCommerce. This is all about utilising modern marketing methods to make the most out of people viewing your site and using analytics to respond to the way people use your site.

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