The Analytics Path to User Centered Design


Who are all those people looking at your site? What do they want? What are they clicking or tapping and what pages are they looking at? And how do they get around your site anyway, do they even use that fancy menu system you spent four years designing? Let's find out! 

A tour of Google Analytics, how to implement it on your site, and how to understand what it all means.

  • Add Google Analytics to your Drupal Site (yes, there's a module!)
  • A look at what all the jargon means, especially to people in education and government
  • Add event tracking: a little javascript to track links and buttons and even hover behavior
  • Create campaign links to track your marketing and social media efforts
  • Set up "aggregate" tracking across multiple sites

Your visitors have been talking to you all along, let's try to hear what they're saying!

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