API Design: The Musical


You've heard about headless Drupal and you are sold.  You've got fantastic data and you want to share it with mobile apps, internal applications, or even drive one or more web front ends.  Tools like the Restful module have given you an incredible head start on turning your Drupal data in a fully functioning and well behaved API.

There is just one problem: You've never designed an API Before

In the words of the almighty 70s rock band, Foreigner, "It feels like the first time".

So what if this is your first Rodeo? You can have a really great first rodeo. I want to make that happen for you. I want to share API design best practices that me and my teammates at Four Kitchens have learned in our work on high volume API driven entertainment web properties.  

Drupalhouse Rock?

This presentation will deliver the goods in words AND song (ala Schoolhouse Rock). Come join David Diers live at LA Drupalcon for the only musical session on API design.


About the presenter:

David Diers is an engineer at Four Kitchens in Austin, Texas.  David has worked on some of the largest and most popular Drupal sites on the web including the Emmy award winning Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon website.  In another life David received a masters degree in music composition.


Session Track

Coding and Development

Experience Level


Drupal Version

When & Where

Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 14:15 to 15:15
Petree D - Blink Reaction + Pro People