Applying the Agile Methodology to the Entire Organization


Agile rocks for web development. But can it transform the way we do business?

And if so,

  • How do we apply agile practices to the way we manage?
  • How can we do agile budgeting?
  • How can management align with agile teams?
  • How does agile work with a distributed management team?
  • How is company management structured with multiple product owners?
  • How do we insure our management POs are aligned towards the company's goals?
  • How do we align multiple teams and functional areas?
  • How can we increase and measure quality?
  • How can we support our professional development skills?
  • How do we find the right ways to improve our effectiveness?

Let’s find out, together.

3 Take Aways

  • Discussion of how Agile methodologies are a strong way to navigate change
  • Discussion of how Agile methodologies help motivate team members
  • Networking with other people using Agile methodologies

Session Track

Business and Strategy

Experience Level


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