Automating Deployments


That moment when new code makes it way out into the world is the most fragile part of the process. We take for granted all the steps that need to happen to make sure it goes correctly. Things like:

  • Building any compiled CSS and Javascript
  • Running automated tests
  • Putting the site into maintenance mode
  • Copying the files to all the web servers
  • Creating a database backup, just in case
  • Applying any updates -- including running update hooks, reverting Features, etc.
  • Clearing the Drupal cache
  • Deploying assets to a CDN
  • Clearing the reverse proxy cache
  • Coming out of maintenance mode

Things that have to happen each time, every time in the correct order -- preferrably as quickly as possible. And when you're shipping changes constantly those same steps need to be replicated correctly many times. In this session we'll be demonstrating technologies to turn deployments from a nail biting experience into a simple "one click and done." You'll see the power of Jenkins to manage the continuous integration process and Capistrano to deploy changes and how to drive it all from changes in your git repository. 

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