Avoid the Shortcut Trap: Critical Thinking Skills for Developers


We're a long way into the Drupal 7 release cycle. The ecosystem is at a point where we can make assumptions about site implementation details and they will often hold true. Much of the hard work of building a Drupal 7 site is covered by the library of contributed modules available.

Do you find yourself getting used to all this pre-built functionality and becoming a little bit... lazy?

To produce our best work, we have to constantly be on guard against the shortcuts we want to make in our day-to-day thinking. We aren't the reliable, logical machines we get to program. Our brains need a hypervisor - in the form of a critical thinking framework.

Come to this session to learn about key critical thinking skills to use when designing and developing your code. Discover how easy it is for us to fall into fallacies during architecture, project planning or code reviews. Finally, learn how to avoid these traps and walk away with a set of mental heuristics to improve your code and projects. No matter if you are a developer, project manager, or a stakeholder, there will be something for you to learn in this session.

About the Speaker

Andrew Berry is a Senior Architect at Lullabot who's been working with PHP since 2003 and Drupal since 2006. Working on a wide variety of projects from the smallest one-person websites through to some of the highest-trafficked media websites, Andrew has seen (and fallen into) enough traps to fill many presentations.

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Coding and Development

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