Better User Experience through Prototyping


In the fast-paced world of digital products and services, it is vital to be able to make important design and technology decisions quickly and garner validation from your clients and core users. 

Prototyping allows you to explore many ideas quickly and inexpensively, it also enables your team to better test performance, and ultimately craft a more refined user experiences for your websites and applications.

In this session, we’ll start with an overview of prototyping and will also discuss why we should prototype, when prototyping starts and ends during the design process, and the many benefits for both designers and developers. We will also quickly review a few of the popular prototyping tools that are available today.

You will also learn from some inspiring examples that will be illustrated via two recent interactive prototypes (and product development sketches) we have recently developed for clients.

This presentation will review the following ideas…
-        Overview: the basics. What is prototyping? When do we prototype (Process)?
-        Why prototype: why is prototyping important?
-        The benefits: for designers, developers, content creators, core users and clients
-        Architecture / UX through prototyping
-        Content: the benefits for an editorial team
-        Tools and Best Practices: review a few prototyping tool options and best practices

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User Experience Design

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