Build your own cloud hosting solution with Amazon Web Services


You've developed and deployed an awesome Drupal site but now the server hosting it is getting overwhelmed by traffic spikes.  You could upgrade to a more powerful server but if most of the server’s capacity is sitting idle for hours or days between spikes, you’re probably wasting a  lot of money.  So what can you do?  Move the site to the cloud where more capacity can be added at a moment’s notice when it’s needed and removed when the traffic subsides so you only pay for what is actually being used.

This session will focus on how to build your own scalable cloud hosting solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  I will talk about how to combine the building blocks that Amazon provides into a scalable solution tailored to Drupal and how to setup your Drupal site and workflow to fully take advantage of the cloud infrastructure.  This session will also touch on some of the reasons you may want or need to build your own cloud hosting solution instead of utilizing an existing solution.

This session assumes you are familiar with the various components of a Drupal site (eg code, database, files) and that you understand the roles of the various infrastructure components (eg web server, PHP, database server) play.

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