The Building Blocks of D8


Drupal 8 provides us as developers and desginers with a unique opportunity to change the landscape of content on the web.  We have the ability to manage the configuration from the user interface to the actual template and variables that output the HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  These building blocks of Drupal 8 have changed from its predecessor so we will take a look at dissecting a theme by exploring the following:

  • Folder structures and naming conventions
  • Managing configuration in D8
  • Best practices for including CSS and Javascript
  • Template structure with Twig
  • Custom block layouts and fields

Join me as I take you thru a journey of rethinking how you build themes in Drupal 8 by exposing the best practices we should all be adopting.  Taking a deeper look at how to configure a theme using the new Yaml configuration, How to best use Libraries to manage your CSS and JavaScript in a more optimized way, Breaking down Twig into a meaningful representation of your design and utilizing the Custom blocks and fields to manage your content.

These are the building blocks of Drupal 8.

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