Building a business critical enterprise web application with Drupal


More and more large enterprise companies are using Drupal which is great, but it is the purpose that makes the difference. While managing public content is almost risk free, being connected to internal systems or even managing super-sensitive employee data, medical records and insurance cases is a completely different game. 

We at BRAINSUM have built a comprehensive HR online leave management portal platform. A global leading insurance broker company and its blue chip clients from the finance and IT industries have already onboarded the new web application factory which has been entirely built on Drupal. The system meets the top level security standards of the finance industry in Switzerland.

In my presentation I'd like to showcase the following topics:

  • Why Drupal: Solution, Positioning, Marketing
  • System Insights: HR / Employee Portal, Use Cases, Features, Roles
  • Architecture: Why we selected the single tenant and features per customer architecture to be able to customise the system for each client, while keeping the same platform consistent. 
  • Also I would like to demonstrate how this plays together with our CI and deployment workflow, how we provide scalability
  • Lessons learned: Using Drupal as an application framework for business-critical tasks.
  • Outlook: Our Roadmap to a Drupal SaaS platform, and a Drupal distribution.

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