Building a successful Drupal business

The world spends $130 billion annually on websites. That's more than all digital advertising - $110B. Tens of thousands of agencies globaly are paid to help organizations put their best face forward on the web. Those agencies are everything from a consultancy of one to agencies with hundreds.
There is a lot of opportunity out there - but we know that it is competitive. What will make your agency stand out?
At Pantheon, we think that a lot of the busy work that can kill small agencies can be eliminated with technology.
In this session, we will discuss some approaches that may free you to focus on the high value creative work that you do.
Specifically we will discuss:
- Efficient workflows with distributed teams
- Working well with contractors
- Keeping your work secure, backed-up and version controlled
- How to stay connected to to your client's sites
- Quarterly billable client check-ins for module reviews, core updates, SEO audits and more
- Much more

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