The business value of a semantic content model powered by Drupal


With support Drupal is now closer than any other CMS to realizing the promise of the semantic web. What does that mean for business? We all know that mapped content is the key to rich snippets on Google, which essentially make SEO obsolete, but there's way more to it than that. A schema-based content model can also be the key to a faster development cycle, more powerful search, smarter machine learning, easier multichannel content delivery, faster data migration, better third party integrations and more effective business intelligence.

In this session you will learn about, semantic content and linked data. How Drupal 7 and 8 plus kickstart can be used to create a comprehensive content model for your company, and how, once you have that model in place you can extend it across your entire organization.

This session is an updated version of a talk originally presented at BADcamp 2013 to a standing-room only audience and was featured in DrupalEasy podcast 143. It has been adapted to a business audience with the addition of real world examples and practical roadmaps.

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